Aquatic therapy is a concept of using the therapeutic effects of water through using its hydrodynamic -properties to improve strength, endurance, correct postures, recover injuries and other therapeutic changes. The concept is very popular in many countries and is gaining rapid recognition in India. We have been promoting the awareness on Aquatic Therapy in India for more than a decade and it has been getting good response from the targeted population sectors.


Hosting a conference seemed to be a justified decision that will provide a platform to all the learning minds to present their research and share their knowledge. Evidence based aquatic therapy provides a right path in charting the progress of this concept. International conferences are being held since 2013 and have found positive response from Aquatic therapists across the globe. In the year 2013, the conference was in Izmir, Turkey; followed by Leuven, Belgium in 2015 and this year it was in Queretaro, Mexico. India will be hosting the next Conference Titled “ICEBAT – 2017” with the theme “Flowing into Newer Dimensions”, at Radisson Blu, Mysuru, Karnataka, South India. We will have delegates coming from across the globe to interact and share their knowledge with Indian counterparts and vice versa.


Building Aquatic therapy pools and providing aquatic therapy equipments have taken a centre stage past couple of years and many projects have come up at multiple places across India. More proposals are being put up for Aquatic Therapy Pools by reputed institutes. Hence, we endorse this as an opportunity for companies and organizations associated with aquatic therapy to look at becoming sponsors for the event and showcase your products or information that can have business value propositions.


The sponsorship details will be sent to your email. Please type sponsorship as the subject and drop us an email at


It will be our pleasure to have your association with us.


The benefits of the sponsorship in this conference are:

  • Opportunity to showcase your product/service to a national and international audience.
  • Large exposure to therapist working in different areas all over the world.
  • Direct contact with people that are decision makers.
  • Tremendous marketing opportunity.
  • Exclusivity