Efthymia Vagena - ICEBAT INDIA-2017

Efthymia Vagena


Speaker Profile

Efthymia Vagena, Flloktitis Rehabilitation Hospital, Greece

She has her bachelor degree in Exercise Science with specialization in Health and Diseases, in Athens University. In 2006 she completed her graduated studies in Boston (Northeastern University), USA on Clinical Exercise Physiology with Specialization in Rehabilitation.

Since 2006 She is working at Filoktitis Rehabilitation Hospital, in Athens, Greece as a Head of Aquatic Therapy Department.  In 2011 she became Assistant Lecturer in International Aquatic Therapy Faculty in Water Specific therapy.

Efthymia Vagena is a Certified Pool Operator from NSPF (2010) and on 2015 became CPO Tutor with Swimming Teaching Association (UK).

In 2015 she was promoted as a Deputy Coordinator of Therapeutic Program at Filoktitis.  She is now a PhD student in Athens Medical School in AquaticTherapy.

Keynote Title:

Management in therapeutic pools: exploring the perspectives

Nowadays more and more health professionals work in aquatic facilities. Despite the fact that most of these facilities are managed by certified pool operators still the knowledge, and experience in the preventative maintenance, risk management and the latest advanced techniques is in basic to zero level for the health professionals. The need to manage the mechanical system operations, the chemical treatments and the filtration of various aquatic facilities, especially in the therapeutic pools is expanding. So a health professional has the responsibility not to be a technician but at least to have the tools in order to manage better a therapeutic pool (facility) – to reduce the risks – hazards so to optimize the conditions for patients and staff. A health professional has a legal duty to deliver his/her services in an environment that is safe and hygienic.  He/she needs to have knowledge of and skill in all procedures related to safety and hygiene, so as to increase the diversity of population that benefit from the aquatic therapy.

  Therefore this keynote will address topics like:

–  Ensuring a safe and hygiene environment

– Principles of circulation, filtration, ventilation and regular maintenance

– Microbiological testing and interpretation.

– Principles of water treatment, including pH, water balance and water testing

– Methods of measuring and recording the basic parameters of pool

– Risk Management

– Principles of understanding the residuals and non – residuals.

– Emergency Action Plan

– Guidelines of current industry.

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